Natural Farmer Chamegowda, Mandya
Natural Farmer Chamegowda, Mandya – walking a lonely path today. There will be more following soon!

Interesting field trip to see Natural Farmer Chame Gowda in Mandya district, with friends at Oota From Thota/Jivabumi . Chame’s father divided around 4 acres of his land among his 4 sons, so he ended up with less than a acre. At the age of 65, this farmer is walking a lonely path in his village doing natural farming. With his relentless efforts during last 10 years, he is proving every agriculture data wrong – in less than a acre, producing 2 tons of paddy, making a profit of around “1 Lakh” with “zero debt”.

Natural Farmer Chamegowda, Mandya
Natural Farmer Chamegowda, Mandya. Passionately explains about his baby!

You heard it right, it’s his profit. What’s the secret – zero pesticides, zero fertilizers, owns his seeds, only labor expenses during sowing, transplantation and harvesting. Multicrop – 4 1/2 months of paddy then hemp for 1 1/2 months – mulches the hemp into the field before starting next cycle. Doesn’t event till the land and consumes only 50% of water compared to his other paddy farmers. Works only 3 months a year, and enjoys attending organic farming lectures rest of the year! Great example of people with standing to pressures – his farm is surrounded by his brother’ farms who are doing sugarcane with chemicals!


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