There is a reason why the tree on the extreme left is called the Naga tree. We’ hope we dont get into a copyright conflict with IIM Bangalore. Mentoring sessions with Naga Prakasam. Apply for mentoring if you have a startup idea. http://www.nsrcel.org/

For Profits: Fabric Monde, Series 5 labs, Tenxer, Skillfinity, Airim, Venkam, Demitasse, Tenxer, Placid Vision, Kreative, Seedr, Black Baza Coffee,The Cilmber,  JivaBhumi, AlmaNourisher, FSE, MedCync, EatRite, Harvest Wild, Get Closer, IIM Buddy, Hobby in Box, Tapon, Neta Connect,Tech Tailor, SOFT,Highway Delight,SPEC, Science Hopper, Gamatics, Edukul,  BinBag Pparke ZooJoo.be Chipper Sage  1Click   ArtFlute PerseptSolar Invicto MyCloudPortal Checkcar.in Zingreel

Social: Not for Profits/NGOs: Mantra4Change, Anthill Creations, Merakhi, Turkybein, Gaurdians of Dreams, Superheros, I-Shaksham, Bridges of Sports

Women Startup Program: ntalents.ai, GoCrackit, Penbound, Shreehi Consulting Services, WorkSera, CloudKrate, LetsTagOn, Bhoomi




Interesting Ventures that I came across: Gramamooligai:  http://www.ccdgroup.org/gmcl.html

I have around 1000 business cards of startups that I’ve come across. Would like to showcase all of them. Need volunteers to do that..Contact if interested.