At CII Startup event: ..go for triple bottom line. Proud to wear this handloom dhoti bought from Boyanika, Odisha ( powered by GoCoop. It’s directly from weavers of Nuapatna in Athagarh district of Odisha. Good example of triple bottom line. The fine weaving has been mastered over centuries.

Great for Chennai weather than sweating in wool suit! Are we wearing appropriate? Why at 42 degrees wear a suite and keep the Air conditioner at 17 degrees to keep cool, which in effect increasing our energy consumption.

Also, India is the only place where local dress and local language is an impediment to someone’s personal growth. It need not be the case. I’ve started wearing dhoti in my south visits for the past 2 years including Gaudian and Uniphore board meetings. It’s unfortunate where dhoti has been reduced for ceremonies and for politicians only. By wearing dhoti we are wearing appropriate to the climate as well as functional as well. When you fold, it’s a shorts! When you fold through it’s a pant comfortable for any work – see Gandhiji wearing it!